commission process in three easy steps



The first thing we'll do is discuss your idea via email, video chat, or locally with coffee. We will talk about the project details (subject matter, size, composition, etc.) and an estimated time-frame for completion. 


Using the concepts we discussed, I'll head to the drawing board and create a detailed initial sketch. The sketch will be sent to you via email for your approval to make sure we are on the same page before any actual painting begins. 


Once I am finished with your personal watercolor, I will carefully package the painting for delivery. We can arrange a hand delivery if you're local, or I'll ship the artwork (along with tracking) as soon as payment is received. 




Meet Khaleesi! I was commissioned to paint this little lady along with her brother (Destro) for a Christmas gift.

The details discussed for this piece were as follows:

  • Art size: 11" x 14" 
  • Layout: portrait
  • Pose: Sitting posture
  • Extra: Subtle illusion of grass
  • Timeline: less than 3 months

1. We compiled a few photos in Photoshop since the original image with the body had her face looking the other way.

2. Once we had a strong image to work from, I sketched it out keeping the details we discussed in mind.

3. The final painting turned out beautifully! I had the pleasure of meeting Khaleesi in person, and let me tell you that I have yet to pet a dog with a softer coat!