Backwash "Blossoms"

  • occur when a weaker mixture of paint is applied on top of a still wet or damp paint that is a stronger mixture of paint.
    • to fix a bloom - catch the paint while it is very wet and before you can see it, try dropping a heavier mixture into what you;ve just applied and gently mix it around and tilt your paper. if you see that a bloom has already started to form, dry it. Next, use a stiff brush or a damp sponge, gently dab away the dark paint ridge to match the paint around it. if you can take the whole area all the way back to white, do so. It will then be easier to just dry the paper and reapply the paint. if not, remove what you can, dry it, and carefully apply new paint of the desired intensity.

  • Mistake or control? 
  • understanding what causes the backwash is somewhat of a revelation
  • keep in mind that water seeks its own
  • pigment to water ratio - brush understanding along with paper wetness/dryness
  • you are juggling a lot of understanding that is constantly changing. 


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