"Without love, we are birds with broken wings." - Tuesdays with Morrie


What is the dove trying to tell me?

I had asked myself this questions for an entire year before all of the pieces started coming together. The moment by friend, Christa, posted this photo on her Instagram page, it struck me deep in my heart - taking my breath away. It wasn't just that this was a beautiful image, there was something else that called to the very depths of my being. Called, or cooed? 

Columbidae family

gentle, monogamous

domesticated and used for sacrifice

"clean" bird

at least 20 references in the Bible / first specific bird to be mentioned in the Bible (along with the raven) 1st mention (Gen 8:8-13) Noah released dove 3 times (first time along with raven) / most are ground feeders and she had nowhere to feed that was dry. / second time she came back with an olive leaf / third time she did not return. (what is the symbolism of 3's in the Bible?)

Sacrifice References (Gen 15:9, Lev 5:7 and 12:6-8, Luke 2:22-24) until Jesus payed the way.

David was distressed / Psalm 55:6 "...oh that I had wings like a dove, for then would I fly away and be at rest."

Isaiah 38:14 "I did mourn as a dove..."

Matthew 10:16 "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." - Jesus to his apostles

Harmless = without the power or desire to do harm; innocuous: without injury; unhurt, unharmed / to relieve f rom responsibility or liability for any damage or loss. / controllable, disarmed, gentle, guiltless, innocent, inoffensive, kind, manageable, naive, nontoxic, painless, paper-tiger, powerless, pussycat, reliable, safe, sanitary, simple, soft, softie, sound, sure, trustworthy, unobjectionable, unoffensive.

symbol of peace and purity

A symbol of the Holy Spirit

Jesus's baptism (Matt 3:16, Luke 3:22, John 1:32)


Silver and Gold

Every year, around the middle of August, a mourning dove pair visit our yard. They only stay for a few days, but they always leave little treasures behind. How can these feathers be from the same bird? When David described the dove's feathering in Psalm 68:13 as having both a gold and silver iridescence, it finally made sense to me how this could be possible. 


Feature 3

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Other places to find Dove's in the Bible:

Song of Solomon 1:15 "...your eyes are like doves." (and 5:12) Song of Solomon 2:14 "Come, my shy and modest dove..." 

Nahum 2:7 "Mourning like the sound of doves."

Eze 7:16