Palette options and workflow (pros & cons)

  • The word "palette" has two meanings for the watercolorist. the first meaning refers to the particular combination of pigments ina  painting or in your personal collection of paint; the colors you prefer to work with. Then there is the paint holder. a palette to hold your paint. A palette for your palette, if you will.

  • plastic vs porcelain - plastic is lightweight, but stain. procelain does not stain and it's weight keeps it from moving around on your art desk.

  • folding palette with brush holder is ideal for traveling.

  • number and design of paint wells

    • No ridge - flat, allows the pigment to flow into the mixing area.

    • Light ridge - deep at the back but has only a light ridge as it meets the mixing area.

    • Contained well - equal sides all around.

  • butcher's tray - free-form. made of white enameled metal. Ideal if you want to set up a different and unique palette for each painting. cleans easily. will not stain or break.

  • arranging a primary palette - arranging your palette in the order of the color wheel makes the most sense, and if you have any colors that spill from their wells into the color next to it, the "contamination" will be minor.

  • arranging a color temperature palette - arranged by warm and cool colors; a split primary color arrangement.

  • make a palette chart for your wall so you can remember which colors are in which wells.