Paint Storage Board - Tutorial

Hello there! 

When it comes to my painting studio, I am always looking for solutions that will enhance my work flow. As I was setting up my studio, I kept coming across the same problem:  where do I put all of my paint tubes? Also, how should I organize them? 

Pinterest was made for us, or perhaps we are the ones who started it! 

Initially, I had them in a little basket but found I was constantly taking them all out to find my desired color before tossing them all back into the basket again. This really slowed down my painting process. Then I tried sectioning them off into color groups within my desk drawer. This allowed me to hunt down the right color, but it did not eliminate having to dig around for it.  

Because I was wasting a lot of valuable painting time dealing with this organizational dilemma, I went on a quest to find a solution that was not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing for my work space. After scouring the internet and asking a few artist friends, I noticed they were dealing with the same problem. However, a myriad of solutions were being used. Some separated each color group into individual plastic bags. Others invested in small tackle boxes or makeup bags. None of these ideas appealed to me because they seemed to only add a step to the already difficult process of finding the color I desired. I refused to dig for a specific color any longer!  

As soon as I stumbled on the idea to use binder clips to hold the paint tubes, I rejoiced and knew that I had to share this idea with you guys! Building this paint storage board was quick, easy, and very affordable.  It only cost me $15 to make and took about 30 minutes to assemble! Are you in love yet? 

You will need the following supplies:

  • 1 board large enough to display all of your paint tubes. My board measured 23"x25" and was found at Ikea in their discounted section for $5.00 - Score! 
  • binder clips
  • D - Ring hangers (2)
  • nails: 16 gauge 1.25" 
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • hammer
  • power drill

Step 1 - Decide how you are going to organize your paints. I arranged mine into 5 color groups, but you could also arrange your paint by manufacturers. Organize your paints in a way that will make it easy to find your colors and makes the most sense to you. The nice thing about this board is that it allows for flexibility by arranging and rearranging it in any way you please! YESSSS!

Step 2 - Attach your hanging hardware. This needs to be done first because your board will soon be covered with nails, and it will be much easier to drill now while your board is clear. 

Step 3 - Measure out your board accordingly and mark your places for the nails. I liked a comfortable space between each tube so I marked every 1.5 inches across.  

Step 4 - Hammer in all of the nails and subsequently wreck your dominant arm muscles for a week!

Step 5 - Add binder clips to all of your paints.                               Step 6 - Hang your board and your paint tubes.  

Can you believe how easy that was? I don't know how I lived or worked without it for all of these years! I hope you don't take my word for it, but try it out for yourself! 

Happy painting!