Wedding Invitations - How I found my personal style

When I began the process of designing my wedding invitations, I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of styles to choose from.  To make things more manageable, I came up with a way to weed through the chaos.  Simply by comparing my options, I was able to select my favorites and combine them until my own style was shining through. 

First, I began by determining the overall look and feel we were hoping to express with our wedding.  Wedding invitations are meant to give the invited a taste of the coming event.  It is also a reflection on the couple and their hosting style.  No pressure.  One thing I was absolutely sure of, was that I wanted to create a watercolor painting for the invitations.  Overall, my goal was for the guests to feel as though they were opening a gift when they opened the invitations.

I created the invitations using InDesign CS5, and an original watercolor.  For weddings I am particularly fond of anemones.  I painted these delicate flowers with our wedding color scheme. 

Once I had the layout of the invitations complete, I had my (at the time) fiance help me edit and write in the rest of the information.  His grammar and vocabulary are excellent, and much better than my own!  It was also important to me that he had a clear hand in the invitation process because they are an expression of us both. 

Since I was new to the InDesign program, I needed some help setting up the documents.  My Matron of Honor, Mandie, was gracious enough to set up the documents for me.  All I had to do was play around with type and design.  Thank you friend!  

I had so much fun designing my wedding invitations, and hope to create more watercolor invitations for other brides.  If you are interested in having me create invitations for your special day, you can email me at, or fill out this form.