Masking Fluid


Tools: masking fluid applicator

- do not use your good brushes as the fluid will not be easily removed from them afterward. before beginning to mask, dip your brush into liquid dish soap. rub it in, wipe it off. 

  • do not allow making fluid to dry on the brush, since it will form a hard rubber and ruin it. To clean your brush, wet it, dry it off, then dip the brush into undiluted dishwashing liquid or rub it on bar soap and with this through the bristles with your fingers.
    • do not shake the bottle as the bubbles will create pinholes in the coating as it dries.

    • store the bottle on its cap. Any thickened fluid will rise. When ready to use it, gently turn the bottle upright and use the thinnest fluid near the top, since this will give you more control and a finer result than the thickened fluid.

    • while the masking is still in place, the painting should be kept out of bright sunlight, as the chemistry changes with heat.


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