Mediums that help alter pigments:

    • Ox gall - improves flow of washes, but if overused will create dull washes.

    • Gum Arabic - already an ingredient in the paint. adding more will increase the transparency of the paint. It can also help remove some color. If overused, it will create a gloss on the surface of the paper.

    • Texture medium - can be added to paint or applied directly to the paper for an increased textural appearance. Use old brushes and clean them immediately after.

    • Iridscent medium - adds glitter effect to painting.

    • Granulation medium - creates a "mottled" effect when added to wet paint.

  • Winsor and Newton Mediums

    • masking fluid

    • gum arabic

    • iridescent medium

    • lifting preparation

    • texture medium

    • permanent masking medium

    • ox gall liquid